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Tag Archives: columbus family photography

own way!

And hold your own
Know your name
And go your own way
-Jason Mraz

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the whole world

When you’re smilin’ keep on smilin’The whole world smiles with youAnd when you’re laughin’ oh when youre laughin’The sun comes shinin’ through
-Louis Armstrong
This little guy had me from hello!  I LOVED photographing him and his family!

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lover of the light

So love the one you holdAnd I’ll be your goalTo have and to holdA lover of the light
-Mumford & Sons

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your love.

Oh, i just wanna tell you just one more time
For your precious love, now, oh my
It means everything in the world to me
-Otis Redding

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nothing to do but smile

Hey, I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.Da-n-da-da-n-da-da-n-da-da here I amThe only living boy in New York
-Simon & Garfunkel
Visiting all the way from New York!  It was wonderful to photograph this incredible family!  (and sweet baby was a preemie, so she has an extra special place in my heart as a fighter!)  :)

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