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Dylan Blue Photography bio picture

Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Abbey, a portrait photographer, based out of Athens, Ga. I specialize in on
location lifestyle photography: maternity, infants, kids, families, and
more!  Welcome to my little home in
cyber space, get comfy and stay a while, leave a comment I love those!  Here I will document my latest
professional sessions, and share my crazy world with my wonderful husband, 2
entertaining kids, and one big blue! 

I hope to document real life moments, let the picture tell
the story, and capture you and your families true personality!  My goal is to capture life as it
happens: the laughter and tears and every moment inbetween!  I love those expressions that as parents we love!  I look forward to spending time with
you and your family!


this love for you.

Wo-oh-oh, you’re the apple of my eye, you’re cherry pie
And oh you’re, you’re cake and ice cream
Oh you’re sugar and spice, and everything nice
‘Cause honey nothing, nothing, nothing can ever change this, love I have, for you

-Sam Cooke


time with you

Spendin’ all my time with you,

There’s nothin’ else I’d rather do.

What a beautiful mess I’m in.

-Diamond Rio



you and me

Love is you

You and me

Love is knowing

We can be.

-John Lennon


feeling happy.

Now keep on dancing, keep me happy
Baby got the feeling I’m, happy

-Rolling Stones


joy, joy, joy

Well my Lord spoke, he spoke so well
He brought joy, joy, joy into my heart

-Simon & Garfunkel