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Category Archives: Sports Photography

a year.

How Do You Measure – Measure A Year?
In Daylights – In Sunsets
In Midnights – In Cups Of Coffee
In Inches – In Miles
In Laughter – In Strife
How About Love?
Wow, looking back through this past year …  I picked a ‘few’ of my favorites.  Thank you all so much for allowing me to photograph your family and...

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when I feel the chill… the fresh cut grass…

When I feel that chill, smell that fresh cut grassI’m back in my helmet, cleats, and shoulder padsStandin’ in the huddle listenin’ to the callFans goin’ crazy for the boys of fall
-Kenny Chesney

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keep on shinin’ your light

Yeah, keep on shinin’ your light Gonna make everything, pretty mama Gonna make everything all right And I ain’t got no worries ‘Cause I ain’t in no hurry at all
-Doobie Brothers
I loved this session!  I felt like I was part of the family enjoying a morning like they would!  Gorgeous setting, kids (and parents) doing what they loved in...

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awake my soul…

In these bodies we will live,
Where you invest your love,
you invest your life
awake my soul…
-Mumford & Sons

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when your husband is a football coach….

your son… AND daughter…. know how to ‘form tackle’, ‘wrap up’, ‘roll their hips’, etc…..
(just an average afternoon in our yard…)

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